by Ioan Delice

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released March 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Ioan Delice New York

Rapper | Producer

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Track Name: BASEHEADboy
I love the bass
No regards for my life
Separating lines with an ace of spades
Hooray for that Yay
If I could I'd do this all day
But *shit* I may OD
So I, gotta take it slow
Heart rate begin to slow
Get a 4.0. of that OE
Then hit Jo up for more weed
I, need my fix nigga
The accumulated amount I spend on drugs
Will, make you rich nigga
But, that's only if I live nigga
N I, just might end it all
Starin at this bottle of aderol
But I, love my bass tho
Take another dose to the face yo
Can't just stop on a say so
Cold turkey really ain't the way to go
I'd rather be fucked up all my life
As oppose to no drugs for just one night
So turn it up
Bitch turn up
The roof is on fire, let that bitch burn up
Then let it rain on us
Ashes to ashes n dust to dust
Till I feel concussed
Ever feel like gettin elevated is a must?
It's all the same no matter what u touch
Whether ya eyes low,
ya head rush,
If ya face numb,
Or ya cheeks blush,
Pass the Dutch, lemme roll that
U tryna spliff this?
Where the shtog at?
Feeling a Lil under the weather,
where the Prozac
Life hangin by a limb like coat rack
You innocent, witnessin substance abuse
Negligent of the negatives drugs do
But I'm all about that good shit
Can't wait till that bass hit

So underground shit I talk to the dead
Smoke on the herb curb thoughts in my head
On some real shit
I been lookin to kill shit
Contracted to the culprit
Till I killed an innocent
Searchin for forgivahness
Prolly find God in prison but I ain't going
I murdered all the witnesses
Spit like malificent
Testament to my temperament
Pullin ivory off the elephant
in the room
Shit, now I got a new necklace
comin for yo head n I'm leavin u neckless
Keeper of goals
Yes I play all those roles
Only team that I know
Less I fux witchu
You kno who
If fuxwitchu
N if I don't
You know who u
R.i.p to me
yo shits khaki doody,
I'm just cocky doode see,
Cuz when I flow the shit sound good
Ain't made a cent but make sense like I should
Wonder how I can continue proceeding without currently receiving currency for my proceedings, well I don't
a nigga can't really complain,
So I won't
Even tho there's people that have what I don't
But I be like fuck that, that's how I roll
Pack 4 dot
Sip 4-0
my casa is one flo wit very few windows
My room smell like indo
Why I'm always indos
Shit my crib is made nice by the shit that I own
Begining to lose my
Mothafuckin mind like where the fuck is mine, where the fuck is mine
I need my cut nigga
Razor to the wrist
I done, put, all, my, blood, sweat n tears in this shit
So fuck that, that don't fly wit me
Cuz ain't no nigga fly like me
Ain't no nigga fly like me
Can't no nigga fly wit me

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